Episode 08 – Jordan Chumney

This guy might just be more interesting than Jonathan Goldsmith. Jordan crafts his own custom knives, he’s done all 24 of his 26 tattoos by hand (including his manliest of appendages), and he mistakenly shot his best friend… in the face.

Check his work out on:
Instagram – @chumblades

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Episode 07 – Goose (Seth) McMath

The Goose is loose and wild in the Bar Room with stories to prove it. He talks about his time in Wyoming – from shooting shotguns at fellow campers, bears invading his campgrounds, to failing to stab a dude that was attacking his brother. He then talks about his time as lead singer for the band Human Air Balloon. We end the show with a special treat, some freestyle raps from Troy and Goose. They spit pure fire!

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Episode 06 – Marco Morales

Episode Six is here! Marco Morales is a man who knows how to live life to the fullest. He’s a lover of all things art and has become a sought-after photographer. Originally from Guatemala, Marco made his way to the States at the age of seven, showing up like a baller, rocking a full tuxedo. He has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today, and he walks us through all the steps along the way.

So stop what you are doing and enjoy the show!


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Episode 05 – Jared Barton

Jared Barton is a busy man. He’s been a marine, a DJ, a touring musician, and now has settled into his true passion as photographer-videographer-entrepreneur.

Jared was originally planned to be our first episode, but there were some technical issues, we don’t need to name names.

Now he’s back talking about how he got where he is today. Then he takes on Troy in some 3-second music trivia, it’s a heated back-and-forth battle!

Finally, we end the episode with a special segment featuring an interesting court case transcript read by the voices from Rick and Morty. You simply won’t want to miss this.

Jared Barton Photography Links:

Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram | Email


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